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Pamarosa Pond Website Was Updated

Welcome to PAMAROSA POND MINIATURE DONKEYS, owned and operated by Pam and Ron Boufford in Chino Valley, AZ . We are located in beautiful central Arizona, in a growing farm community 16 miles north of historic Prescott,AZ and 85 miles from Flagstaff, AZ.

Our goals from day one have never wavered, to have top quality jennets with special emphasis on our jack selection. We have accomplished this by purchasing experienced brood jennet's and yearlings that grow up into future brood jennet's.

Our philosophy is to only breed animals that will contribute further to the well being of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Any jack foal born not meeting these strict criteria is gelded about 8 months of age or offered with a gelding incentive. Jennet foals not meeting this criteria are sold as "pet quality only".

We will never have too many as to not allow time each day to spend with our herd. We believe in quality grass hay, grain as appropriate, exceptional health care with protocols for vaccinations/worming and a reputable farrier to assure our donkeys feet are trimmed as needed. Add to that loads of love as being the recipe for a happy, healthy herd.

We offer guidance, encourage newcomers, offer farm visits and promote the well being of donkeys. We continue to stay in contact with our purchasers long after the final sale with the best interest of these loving, endearing creatures as our number one priority.

Many Brays for stopping by,
Pam & Ron Boufford
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