Pamarosa Geldings

Pamarosa Pond Freedoms Spirit
& Freedoms Fury

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Gender:    Gelding
Date of Birth: 10/3/2002
Color: Dark Red
Height: 35.5"

Sire:   Windcrest Rusty Red
Red 30.75"

Dam:   758's Lollipop
Red 35.25"



Gender:    Gelding
Date of Birth: 10/29/2002
Color: Dark Red
Height: 33 "

Sire:   Merry Go-Round's Firebug
Dark Red 31.25 "

Dam:   758's Society Girl
Red 33 "


These two boys were our very first born here at Pamarosa Pond. We fell so in love with them that they have remained here as our pets. Born just 26 days apart they are the best of friends and never far from each other. They have opposite personalities;

Spirit is named appropriately, with loads of spunk and spirit. Fury is just the opposite of his name, he is the lover.

Always seeking attention and can't get close enough. They are very social within their herd, wonderful companions to the girls and great babysitters for the weanlings.

Geldings make perfect pets; everyone should have a couple of these fellows.

Pamarosa Pond Traveler

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GENDER:    Gelding
COLOR: Light Sorrel Gelding
FOALED: 4/12/2004
HEIGHT: 36.5"

SIRE:   My World Sparky
Light Sorrel 31"

DAM:   758's Lollipop
Red 35.25"


Traveler is a wonderful blend from the well known lineages of My World and 758 Ranch.

He has personality plus, loves people including children. A very friendly gelding who is always the first to greet us.

He has nice straight legs, a good bite, very bold dark cross and beautiful ears.

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