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Legend of the Donkey's Cross

"Bring me the colt of a donkey,"
was the Master's request.

A young donkey was brought to
us to carry him to Jerusalem

A week later Jesus was ordered
to be crucified.

The little donkey so loved the Lord
that he wanted to help Him carry the cross.

But, alas, he was pushed away.
The sad little donkey waited to say
goodbye until nearly all had left.

As he turned to leave, the shadow of
the cross fell upon the
back and shoulders of
the little donkey.

And there it has remained,
a tribute to the loyalty
and love of the humblest of
God's creatures.

By Mary Singer

Donkeys In The Field

As I look out the window at the fields of green, I wonder in my mind what would have been. I see Ten donkeys, how could that be? I started with Five and added Three.

Two of those donkeys are pregnant you see, and I wonder how many more will come to be. All those precious faces, from so many places, Its good to have planned those pastures so spacious.

When you enter the pasture, the miracle begins. A butt scratch here and don't forget my chin. They all circle around and push each other away, Some of them just wanting you to play.

What do you do with them??? Many people ask... We laugh and tell them they are a "Kick In The Ass". You can pack them or drive them. They're all our friends, Lucky donkeys because they'll be here at the end.

After a long day and your feeling the woes, When you leave the donkeys you will know. The secret of the donkeys is just that...It's a great big hug and a huge back pat.

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